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ID# : FKDS-A-23344 DOB: 06-24-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041646913. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23345 DOB: 06-24-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041680249. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23346 DOB: 06-24-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041635460. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23347 DOB: 06-24-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041381394. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23348 DOB: 06-24-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041377016. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
Cammie is an adorable Calico female kitten. She warms up with a little Turkey Friskies canned cat food. It's her favorite. She would do well in a home with one of her siblings, and REALLY loves Corbin.ID# : FKDS-A-23502 DOB: 6-15-2021 Microchip Number : 981020043134974. Color: Calico Pattern: None
ID# : FKDS-A-24053 Est. Birthdate: 06/18/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041918524. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
Meet Nina! This sweet girl was found wandering outside by a Furkids volunteer. Now that she's in the safety of our care, her personality is blossoming! Nina, has beautiful calico markings, and bright green eyes. Nina loves to be brushed - she purrs the entire time. Offer her some wet food and she will be your best friend, and she knows her name. Give her some time to get to know you and trust y...
ID# : FKDS-A-24054 Est. Birthdate: 06/18/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041905325. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
Hank is a cute black and white male kitten. He is very affectionate and very playful. He loves to cuddle. As a younger kitten, he loved to just sit and stare into a person's eyes. He has a twin brother, Bobby, who he loves. Hank was the smallest of the litter so his informal name was "Little.ID# : FKDS-A-22226 Birthdate: 04-27-2021 Microchip Number : 981020041918602. Color: Black/White Pattern:...
ID# : FKDS-A-23755 Est. Birthdate: 05/12/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043452944. Color: Cream
ID# : FKDS-A-23756 Est. Birthdate: 05/12/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043457888. Color: Orange Pattern: Tabby
Cedar is a medium-haired, handsome "cow cat" -- white with black markings. A very gentle man who enjoys love and attention; he'll reward you with a beautiful purr. Cedar is a quiet, easy-going companion who just wants his own family to be part of. Cedar is FIV+, which is no big deal! It just means he has a slightly depressed immune system, and his family should be pro-active if he gets a cold o...
I love hugs!! Bonjour! I am Jacko. I'm just waiting, wishing for pets and love from humans. I love attention and will tell you with my beautiful vocals how badly I do. I also love giving head butts, licking your hand, and giving affection to whoever is lucky enough to come see me. I will make your life full of affection and always be by your side!! Won't you be my family?? Great news - my adopt...
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