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ID# : FKDS-A-23230 Est. Birthdate: 04/23/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043475508. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-22908 Est. Birthdate: 04/07/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041921093. Color: Grey/White Pattern: Tabby
DOB: 4-13-21 Microchip #: 981020041669154 ID# : FKDS-A-22633. Color: Black Pattern: None
ID# : FKDS-A-23231 Est. Birthdate: 04/23/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043495876. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
Microchip Number : 981020043498233 ID# : FKDS-A-23283. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-22934 Est. Birthdate: 03/27/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041933961. Color: Grey/White Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23097 Est. Birthdate: 06/29/2020 Microchip Number : 981020043502560. Color: Orange Pattern: Tabby
Queen Leah loves being pet. She especially likes chin scratches. She is very affectionate and will get along with most people. She is very curious so she will follow you, and "supervise whatever you are doing. DOB: 5-7-2019. Color: Tortoise Pattern: None
Big Bubba is a tough nut to crack. He's a sweetheart, but very skittish around humans. He often came out of hiding when I wasn't around and made himself comfortable all over the place-but as soon as he heard me coming, he would shrink his 14-pound bulk into a tiny package and hide under the most unlikely of places. He hisses when cornered and vocalizes when nervous (or when in the car), but nev...
DOB: 10-14-2017 Microchip: 982126051492996. Color: Brown/Black Pattern: Tabby
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